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With wholesale energy markets constantly changing and non energy costs increasing as we convert to a low carbon economy its perhaps time to consider solar PV.

Many adopters of Solar PV are looking to lock in their energy costs as one of the few variables that they have traditionally been unable to secure in a market where many costs are fluctuating. These solutions still make financial sense and typical returns are still within the 8 year period. More important to our clients though is the opportunity to harvest their own energy and reduce exposure for future energy price rises including future proofing their consumption and becoming battery ready.

Any business with high energy needs and excess roof space should consider solar PV. We have now partnered with a number of the UKs leading installers who have been at the forefront of solar development for over 10 years. If you would like more information then please call Alex Monro on 07794 095827

Benefits for installing solar

1. Benefit from the Government feed-in tariff (FiT) which pays an amount of money per kWh of electricity produced
2. Benefit from a payment for any electricity exported to the national grid
3. Help protect yourself against rising energy costs and reduce your energy bills
4. Producing clean energy means that you will reduce your carbon emissions
5. Security of supply – generate a portion of your own electricity requirements.

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