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Devon Energy Partnership

Understanding Energy

Energy Efficiency. Reducing Costs. Solar PV.

Understanding Energy

Energy Efficiency. Reduced Costs. Solar.

Understanding Energy

Energy Efficiency. Reduced Costs. Solar.

About Us

Devon Energy Partnership is an established, professional team of independent management consultants. Our team have cut their teeth working for a number of major UK suppliers. Our vision is to provide unrivalled utility management services for the Leisure, Agricultural and Equestrian sectors.

With the current economic climate we know first hand how vital it is for businesses to achieve cost savings wherever possible. Whether its checking that your business is on the correct contract or simply wanting to find out if you can become more energy efficient DEP has a range of services available.

40% of UK businesses have never switched energy providers! We’re helping businesses across the country make the switch and save money.

The Benefits of working with Devon Energy Partnership

  • Locally based with extensive sector knowledge
  • We will quickly show you how to cut energy costs
  • Backed up by industry leading specialists
  • Friendly reliable services that understand the pressures of running a small business

Our Services



If you’re currently in a fixed strategy but the market has fallen and you wish to explore how you can take advantage of these lower prices, you could explore our blend and extend strategy.  This is still a fully fixed agreement but with the advantage, that should the market drop sufficiently you can extend your agreement on lower rates meaning you almost immediately benefit from any significant drop in the wholesale market.


If you’re comfortable with ‘hedging your bets’ (but with our expertise!), you could choose a fully flexible strategy. We tailor our flexible procurement approach to your business’ specific needs.  Our team track the prevailing market to ensure you can immediately benefit from any favourable wholesale price movements, spreading your ‘price risk’ throughout the year, and opening up the ability to buy when the market is low and fix when it increases.


If you want to have the ability to take advantage of a falling market but also want to protect your business from dramatic price increases, you could explore a basket strategy.  Our basket enables you to secure a ‘maximum price’ that you are willing to pay for your wholesale gas and electricity. If the market increases beyond this, your business will be protected. What’s more, if the market falls, you’ll be able to take advantage of the lower wholesale price by our team strategically trading your energy so your business can capitalise on savings.


If, when you ask yourself what your business needs, you say “we need to know exactly what our budget will be”, you could explore a ‘fixed’ price strategy. This traditional approach involves us utilising our extensive purchasing power and multiple supplier relationships to secure your business a competitive, fixed price deal for up to 5 years using our reverse auction.  This provides you with immediate budget certainty and you can be safe in the knowledge that if energy costs rise, your price won’t

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